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Pathanamthitta is the abode of the gods. It is aptly called the Pilgrim Capital of Kerala. The hills, the forests, the streams, the rivers and the greenery make it a dreamland. It's the home of the snakeboats, the world's longest oar boats. The Aranmula mirror is unique in the world. The padayani is the echo of the past civilization. The District has some of the greatest human resources in India. It is highly literate and its bank penetration is one of the highest. Amazingly, it has also a negative population growth unlike anywhere in India.

The gods and religions seem to have a great fondness for Pathanamthitta. Lord Ayyappa of Sabarimala sits here. Pathanamthitta is the doorway to Sabarimala. Millions of devotees flock to the District. It is the home of several churches, ancient and modern. The world's largest Christian convention, the Maramon convention takes place here.

What Pathanamthitta needed was an exclusive club and now we have it ... The Pathanamthitta District Club. The club is not just for the citizens of the District or the State but also the members of the clubs from all over India who will be affiliated. Those who travel to the pilgrim land will surely be benefited by the club. The Club has currently two guest rooms, one of which is airconditioned. The club can also arrange apartments or cottages.

The facilities include exclusive card rooms, locker facility, kitchen, indoor games, outdoor shuttle court among others. It has an elder's kiosk where retired people and senior citizens can have a break.

The club is an avenue of friendship and fellowship. The Pathanamthitta District Club draws its inspiration from the Maharajah Sree Chithira Tirunal of Travancore who said that the club is a second home. The Pathanamthitta District Club is indeed a second home to its members.

Welcome to club which is set to be the best of its kind in Kerala.

The History of The Pathanamthitta District Club

The first seeds of the club was sown in 2007-2008 following discussion among Er.Ajith Kumar, Adv.Philip Thengumcheril and Adv. K.V.Sunil Kumar. These three were keen in setting up and exclusive club in Pathanamthitta and explored ways in which a club can be set up. A blog page was created at under the banner An email id was also provided for communication.

The informal gathering of the friends gained momentum and a formal organization was inevitable. It was felt that the eminent citizens of Pathanamthitta needed an elite family club and it could not wait any longer. Friends who held similar views about such a club, Mr.K.C Chacko, Mr.Jose Samuel, Mr.George Daniel, Mr.Samson Isaac, Mr.George Thomas, Dr.Rajesh V, Mr.Presannan Nair and Mr.Ani Mathew were roped in as Charter Members along with the three progenitors mentioned above.

The group got together several times. After much deliberation and homework in 2011, a Bye Law was drafted. The moment of truth had arrived and the group of friends officially signed the Memorandum of Association. The Pathanamthitta District Club was formally registered on 15th February 2012.

Er.G.Ajith Kumar was elected as the Charter President, Adv.Philip Thengumcheril as the Charter Secretary and Mr.George Thomas as the Charter Treasurer. Mr George Daniel was elected the Vice-President and Mr,Samson Isaac, the Joint Secretary. The others were Members of the Director Board.

The Club set up its office at the current building at Churulicode on 21st April 2012. The lamp was lit on 12th June 2012. Since that wonderful moment, there was no looking back.

Today, the club is bubbling with enthusiasm and throttling with energy. The Club membership is much sought after now.

The Pathanamthitta District Club
About Pathanamthitta Club
We are into recreating the finest ambiance keeping in line with the finest traditions of exclusive club life.