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The Inspiration Of The Pathanamthitta District Club.16 Nov 2012
The Pathanamthitta District Club draws its inspiration from the words of His Highness the Maharaja of Travancore ,Sree Chithira Thirunal who aptly said that the 'Club should be a second home'. The Pathanamthitta District Club is our second home and it will also be the second home of all those from the affiliated clubs.
The Jewel Of Central Travancore Beckons ...19 Nov 2012
Pathanamthitta , the jewel of Central Travancore beckons you.
Awesome Pathanamthitta !17 Nov 2012
Awesome Pathanamthitta ! Pathanamthitta is the jewel of the hills , the gateway to Sabarimala , the epitome of communal amity , the land of the snake boats and the aranmila metal mirror, the stage of the ancient padayani dance ,home of the beautiful temples , the head quarters of several churches , the elephant cage, waterfalls and much much more . Visit Pathanamthitta ..
The Pathanamthitta District Club Is The Youngest Exclusive Club In Kerala !!!17 Nov 2012
The Pathanamthitta District Club is the youngest exclusive club in Kerala.